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Below are a list of documents and writings from a variety of sources that capture various aspects of Lawrence Jordan's life and work. Please feel free to click the links or images to the left of the description to read more about each article.

Article Title Author
August 2013
Reviews: Lawrence Jordan: Prodigies of Physical Phenomena a K Imperial Fine Arts Barbara Morris
Circus Savage Walking into the Becoming John Davis
An Opening of the Field: Jess, Robert Duncan, and Their Circle Michael Duncan and Christopher Wagstaff, with Contributions by William Breazeale and James Maynard
March 3, 2013
Understanding Lawrence Jordan and his Avant Garde Circle Allan Cole
April 30, 2013
Thinking Inside the Box: Lawrence Jordan John Held
April 30, 2013

Lawrence Jordan:
Prodigies of Physical Phenomena

K. Imperial Fine Art
April 3, 2013
Lawrence Jordan: Prodigies of Physical Phenomena Allan Cole
April 2013
Prodigies of Physical Phenomena: An Exhibition of Dioramas & Collages John Held
Fall 2012
Cinematic Alchemy: Lawrence Jordan and the Palimpsest of Cinema Richard Deming
November 20, 2012
An Evening with Lawrence Jordan

Kevin B. Lee

June 22, 2012
Lawrence Jordan's Road to Utopia Michael Atkinson
Lawrence Jordan Tara McDowell
August 2010
Jordan's Animated Journeys Doniphan Blair

The Venue Vanguard: Artists as Exhibitors, 1955- 1965

Duo Concertantes
Lawrence Jordan, 1965

Kathy Geritz


Stacy Steers

Moments of Illumination Kathryan Golden & Ashley James

April 2009
Artforum International
Moments of Illumination
P.Adams Sitney
The Lawrence Jordan Album Michael Brrett
DVD Spotlight
Vistas: The Lawrence Jordan Album Bill Gibron
PopMatters Film Blog
Joseph Cornell Films  
May 29, 2005
Joseph Cornell and Lawrence Jordan Tate Modern Starr Auditorium Jackie Leger
Summer of Love Art of the Psychedelic Era Christoph Grunenberg
October 30, 2003
Kenneth Anger, Curtis Harrington, Lawrence Jordan in conversation- Last night -The Getty Center James Cheney
Fall 2003

Millennium Film Journal
My Travels with Stan

Lawrence Jordan
Lawrence Jordan

Mark Webber
47 International Short Film Festival Oberhausen

March 16, 2000
Suspended Animation Gary Morris
Bay Area Reporter
March 15, 2000
Lawrence Jordan: A Mosaic of Personal Selections Critics Choice Film
Magic stars A Journey through the looking glass with Lawrence Jordan

Matt Sussman

September 1996
Larry Jordan Jackie Leger
Animation World Magazine
April 1996
Larry Jordan & the Underworld G.T. Collins
December 19, 1995
Tape- Recorded Interview with Larry Jordan Paul J Karlstrom
April 1994
Relationship of Filmmaking to Dreaming: Remarks based on Larry Jordan's 'Patricia gives birth to a dream by the doorway' Dan Fredericksen
H.D. Trilogy Film Millennium Personal Cinema Program
Film of Changes: Larry Jordan's Sophie's Place

Fred Camper

Film Culture

Larry Jordan headlines animation show at Cinematheque Karl Cohen
The Visible Compenium
Catalog Notes
Larry Jordan
March 3, 1990
The Carnegie Museum of Art Fred Camper
November 20, 1989

Sophie's Place

Filmforum Inc
November 23, 1989
Film Review Calendar Mary Beth Crain
October 1989
Animation and the Creative Process Suzan Pitt
December 18, 1987
Film of Changes Fred Camper
Chicago Reader
November 8, 1987
Films by Independent Film-Maker Larry Jordan R.A. Haller
Press Release Staten Island Institute of the Arts and Sciences
October 9, 1987
Sophie's Place ASIFA-SF
Surrealism, Symbolism and the Films of Larry Jordan Thomas Favile
Fall/Winter 1982-1983
Survival int he Independent -Non-Commercial -Avant-Garde-Experimental-Personal-Expressionistic Film Market of 1982

Larry Jordan
Millennium Film Journal

October 1980

Larry Jordan
Eleventh in a series of monographs written for the series filmmakers filming

P.Adams Sitney
March 24, 1980
Cineprobe: an Evening with Larry Jordan Daryl Chin
The Museum of Modern Art Department of Film
Jordan, Larry L'animateur de gravures Centr Pmpidou Janvier
Survival int he Independent -Non-Commercial -Avant-Garde-Experimental-Personal-Expressionistic Film Market of 1979 Lawrence Jordan
Program Notes from the Catalogs of the 1978 Los Angeles International Film Exposition  
Rime of the Ancient Mariner Larry Jordan
Experimental Animation: an Illustrated Anthology; Larry Jordan Robert Russett and Cecile Starr
March 25, 1965
Hamfat Shaping the Medium Carl Linder
San Francisco Observer
Larry Jordan Collage Artist Paul J. Karlstrom
Critical Statements Concerning Jordan  
Notes on "the Visible Compendium" Larry Jordan
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