From the Studio

When I go into the studio to work on animation, sometimes I know the next task to be performed. At other times it is an open adventure into the unknown i.e. the unconscious, which I refer to as the “underground”.


Please find an assortment of boxes here that represent a variety of work over Jordans long career. Some of this collection is available for live viewing as well.
Please click here to see some of Lawrence Jordan's Box Collection.

Within these boxes the silent, still mysterious voice of the “object as being” can be heard... the objects move from external reality and correspond to an inner necessity. It is the unconscious made external, the objectification of desire.


There are a variety of types and themes to Lawrence’s collages. Please enjoy this variety from the early years, along with links to 2 of the most recent releases by year below.


How film, collage and boxes can be linked together. Check out this short film for an example of how images from 2 films make their way into Box and Collage work of Lawrence Jordan

The Visible Compendium — Desert Prayer Collage — Desert Prayer Box
Sophie’s Place — Seeress Box — Seeress Collage
The Visible Compendium — Tucan Delight Collage — Tucan Delight Box