Lawrence C Jordan

artist and film maker


This site is dedicated to the work of Lawrence C Jordan,
artist and film maker in the San Francisco Bay Area

Known principally as a maverick spirit in the world of avant-garde American cinema, Lawrence Jordan played an important role in the late 1950s and early 1960s San Francisco art scene. Jordan has made over seventy experimental films, including a number of fanciful, filmic animations made from collaged cut outs of Victorian engravings. The animations extend dreamlike imagery of collaged landscape into a cinematic realm of transformation and free form symbolism. Jordan seeks to delve into the deep structures and Jungian connotations of the mythological images his films reference. His alchemical approach to imagery creates what he has called the “theater of the mind, which you construct. That is the Underworld... the realm of the imagination. You have to have a place to work with images.”

Jordan founded the film department of the San Francisco Art institute in 1969 and taught there for over thirty years. He made his own box assemblages in Cornell ’s lyrically evocative style since the mid-1960s. Many feature ingenious mechanical and kinetic effects. He continues to make films and box collages at his home and studio in Petaluma where he has lived since 1978.

You are invited to explore this site, where you will find, information on Lawrence Jordan's background, previous film festivals that spaned across the globe, and publications where his work as both an artist and a film maker are featured.

"...If these things seem obscure, I suppose it may be assumed that in a past life I must have been an alchemist ..."

From the Studio

Animation, collage and box-making present themselves as mirror-like fragments or dream-like distortions of imaginary ritual. They press upon my outward consciousness in surreal scenes in which birds, animals, objects and characters interact with a  kind of formal spontaneity. My own belief is that the soul yearns for infinity through symbols.

View the 2016 collage collection here.

Animation and Film

The kind of films that I make everyone has always had difficulty giving a title word to. First it was called underground films, a reversion to Avingar films, then American independent cinema and there are about 6 or 7 titles to try and describe simply people who work with film the same as a painter, who works with paint and canvas period.

See the most recent release Time Travel here