Minerva Looks Out into the Zodiac

From a central pivotal position the camera eye (in this case the hard and inflexible eye of Minerva) looks out upon twelve passing scenes. I have not identified any of the scenes with specific signs of the Zodiac. I have merely taken twelve of my collages and passed them in review before the deity (who has never revealed her pleasure or displeasure with these images). I have underscored the mood of each scene with a short passage of music. One might say that theses Scenes are not meant to convey particular meanings to a viewer, but are intended to represent various entrances or, as the Egyptians called them, Hidden or false doors’ to the sprit world, the world of the dead, the Underworld, the Bardo, or simply another plan of reality: Verities of the soul in symbolist terms.

16 MM
Black & White
8 Minutes

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