The Apparition

A full production: sync-sound drama with cast, crew, color neg., and 16mm wide screen cut-off (normal projector and lens). My intention was to follow James Agee's idea to present "an imaginary story against a background of reality." The imaginary story is of Paul Rose and his past incarnation as a woman in classical Greek times. I collaborated with George Kuchar, who did special sets for the film.

16 MM
50 Minutes

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"In THE APPARITION, which is being shown at the Whitney Museum's New American Filmmakers Series, Mr. Jordan sets up a central figure to whom a dream belongs, and the figure simultaneously constructs it and dreams it. The figure is Paul, a maker of experimental films and commercials.

"Hallucination and reality shift back and forth. We see Paul experiencing his visions, telling about them afterward, and - he is a film maker, after all - setting them up.

"There is a charming openness in the way Mr. Jordan blurs the lines between fantasy and reality, and between fantasy and fraud." - Richard Eder, The New York Times